Sep 18th

Toxic Free Living

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One of the basics in Naturopathic principles is to have clean air, pristine water, plenty of sunshine and healthy food.

Unfortunately due to environmental exposure to perfumes, chemical deodorants, paints, aerosols, pesticide use, beauty products and pollution – it is harder to remove these chemicals in our lives.

Some key measures to reduce toxin exposure and reduce toxic load on your liver:

-          Stick to an aluminium free deodorant – e.g. Himalayan salt roll on or salt spray

-          Minimize the use of perfumes – perfumes are loaded with chemicals that are absorbed into the body

-          If you are exposed to paint or hair/nail chemicals on a daily basis due to your occupation, it is important to have hepatoprotective herbs

-          Store food in glass containers and not plastic. Plastic contains xenoestrogens that cause oestrogen dominance – a potent precursor for breast cancer

-          Invest in a good quality filter: A filter helps to reduce the amount of toxins in the water through a filtration process

-          It would be ideal to eat organic, however key foods that require to be organic include strawberries, broccoli and cauliflower which have higher surface areas that absorb more pesticides. Soaking fruit and veg in vinegar and rinsing them well also washes off some pesticides.

A Cleanse is recommended once a year to renew your digestive and liver function. An individualized cleanse is the best way to approach this. This can involve juicing, smoothies, changing your diet, herbal and nutritional supplementation.

Looking for a Naturopath to help you start a cleanse? Contact me here

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