Naturopathy Consultation

Naturopathy is a patient centred approach based on the belief in vitalism and holism. Disease is believed to be due to the loss of vitality. The vital force is reduced by physical, mental, emotional and environmental influences. Naturopathy involves the use of herbal medicine, dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, flower essence therapy and naturopathic diagnostic techniques such as iris analysis to assess the whole person. Treatment involves the following core ideas:


Modalities used:

Herbal Medicine


High grade herbal extracts manufactured at the highest standards are strictly practitioner only, dispensed by a qualified Naturopath. The quality and therapeutic value is higher compared to over the counter herbs. The herbal tinctures and herbal tablets dispensed here work as tonics for the body, even though the taste sometimes might not be pleasant – it works on the whole body to provide inner balance.




Selected Highest Quality Nutritional Supplements & Herbs



At the Food Intolerance Clinic, nutritional supplements and herbs recommended adhere to strict ethical standards that follow naturopathic principles. Nutritional supplements are strictly for practitioner dispensing only and carry the AUST R label. Compounded supplements are customized to the individual. Information required to use natural medicines properly are much more sophisticated than information marketed to the public in advertising. The main problem is that some over the counter supplements have very low quality offerings. Low quality products are formulated according to price and marketability, not therapeutic value.

Diet and Lifestyle


Food can be your medicine. Introducing healing foods into the diet and reducing the consumption of harmful foods for our health has a profound effect. Incorporating exercise promotes stress reduction, improved quality of life and maintaining a healthy weight.

Every dietary change is negotiated and tailored to your presenting symptoms.