May 12th

Get your health on track

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Getting your health on track takes time, commitment, determination, support and accountability.


I use the analogy of a leaking roof, imagine your roof starts leaking water and you procrastinate repairing it. Months pass and the hole gets bigger, the more rainwater leaks through and another hole appears in the ceiling. Only then you panic and ring up a tradesman to fix the damage. But then you wanted to save money to get the roof fixed so you chose the one who gave you the lowest quotation. Unfortunately 3 months later the hole reappears again, with the same problem. Only then you realize you need to spend on a reputable person/business to fix your roof properly so that it does not leak again.

Getting your health on track is the same process. It probably took 2-5 years for you to get unwell and you procrastinated in getting help from a qualified professional as costs hindered your decision. However, you do not know what foods have been causing you to feel bloated, fatigued, constipated. It’s like being on a journey with no one to help you. You tried the fodmaps diet, it didn’t help – you are at a loss on what is making you sick. I am the best person to help you, I have 5 years experience in treating patients with all types of digestive complaints. I offer the most extensive range of tests to suit all budgets, use high grade herbs and supplements to correct your symptoms and offer ongoing support to get your health back. I listen, support and I am here for you every step of the way.


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