Dec 30th

New Year’s Resolutions – how to be realistic with your health goals

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Coming close to the end of the year, after indulging in a yearly feast during Christmas and planned parties for New year’s – the diet is probably out of the door.

Coming back to your health goals is important, however it can be overwhelming too.

1)      Focus on achievable goals, one step at the time.

Your goal might be to reduce processed foods or avoid sugar. Or to get back to the original diet you were on (e.g. Fodmap diet or Paleo).

2)      Get involved with your local wellness community

Meeting people with similar health goals and interests helps to make the journey back to wellness easier. Communities like Nourish Melbourne hold events throughout the year on health.

3)      Work on stress reduction

Stress often causes IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), insomnia, thyroid issues, high blood pressure and slow metabolism. Get involved in yoga, meditation or even a bath/shower towards the end of the day to de-stress.

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