Apr 16th

Meal preparation tips

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If you work 5-6 days a week, dedicate one day a week for meal preparation. The most important meals are breakfast for sustained energy, healthy snacks for blood sugar regulation and dinner. Don’t expect yourself to cook all your 3 meals for the week in 1 day. Prioritize the meals you lack time preparing. Avoid preparing 5 days of salads and raw foods in advance as they will lack freshness towards the end of the week.

FODMAP Friendly Snack ideas: Boiled eggs (boil up to 6 in advance, cool and leave in fridge), handful almonds/walnuts/pumpkin seeds (avoid if intolerant), fodmap friendly vegetable dip with veggie sticks (red capsicum, celery, carrot), 1 can of mackerel/salmon with brown rice cake, 1 banana, fresh berries.

Breakfast: You can prepare your smoothie the night before – 1 ½ cups rice/almond milk, blueberries, 1 tsp chia seeds, ½  cup oats, 1 tsp flaxseed oil, 1 scoop brown rice protein. Blend and keep in fridge. In the morning, blend again and add 1 banana/1 tsp maple syrup.

OR, something savoury e.g. soup make a few portions, freeze some and heat up the rest for breakfast:

Examples include pumpkin soup/chicken soup

Plan ahead: write up 2 dinner recipes that you will meal prep beforehand and freeze. Shop for ingredients in advance. Make 3 serves of recipe 1, and 3 serves of recipe 2. Freeze 2 meals each.

What is a balanced meal: Protein (eggs/chicken/beef/lamb/fish), whole carbohydrates (e.g. quinoa/brown rice/buckwheat), vegetables (e.g. spinach/carrot/broccoli/red capsicum, pumpkin).

Roast meat & vegetables and bring microwavable brown rice/cooked brown rice as the carbohydrate option.

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