Aug 11th

Digestive function and skin health are related

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Dietary habits die hard, especially if you are used to comfort foods – be it chips, chocolate or junk food. Feeding your body well is essential to improve digestion and skin health.

In fact, skin health – its appearance (colour, texture, roughness, dryness) indicates what is happening within the digestive system. Many modern foods (sugar, dairy, wheat and processed foods) contribute to inflammation, thus improving your eating habits is the first step in tackling your skin issues.

Food intolerances also contribute to inflammation in the gut, common triggers include dairy, wheat and eggs. Nutrient deficiencies also contribute to poor digestive secretions, absorption and oxidative stress, thus it is a vicious cycle.

Acne: Hormonal acne is cyclical, some nutrients that block testosterone production include a good quality zinc. Food triggers include junk food, fried food, lollies, dairy products and white carbohydrates. Investigating the cause of acne is important to achieve resolution.

Eczema & Psoriasis: Common nutrient deficiencies include Omega 3, vitamin A and zinc deficiencies. Herbal medicine (e.g. Centella asiatica, Galium aparine, Calendula officinalis) help in improving collagen production and skin repair.

Rosacea: Indicates a high level of inflammation in the body, thus eating well (five coloured fruit and vegetables), avoiding dairy and wheat is the basic intervention. Deficiencies in Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Zinc and Omega 3 are common. Stress reduction is important to reduce the inflammatory response.

Have a trained health professional to monitor your progress, keep you accountable on remedies and dietary changes – the chances of success is higher in achieving your health goals.

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