About Sylvia

My Story


I had digestive and skin issues during my childhood and teens. It was only by coincidental elimination of dairy and wheat did my symptoms gradually improve. However my health went downhill 9 years ago when I was in Arts college studying to be a fashion designer. The late nights for project deadlines and disordered eating patterns led to worsening of my symptoms. Basically I felt crap.

I saw a Naturopath in which he gave me sound diet advice and inspired me to make lifestyle changes. Inspired by my personal experience with Naturopathy, I wanted to help others like myself achieve better health. In 2006 I got certified as a Bowen therapist – we were the first batch trained in Singapore by an Australian instructor. I practiced Bowen therapy for 8 months at a Naturopathic clinic in Singapore before embarking on Naturopathy. With encouragement from my Naturopath and support of my family, I left Singapore and came to Melbourne and studied at Endeavour College of Natural Health.

What makes the Food Intolerance Clinic different from other Naturopaths?

  1. Integrated and holistic approach to health: This can involve a thorough case history and consider any previous diagnosis given by other health professionals.
  2. Sincere and genuine service:  Listening and considering any limitations to treatment success, including compliance to treatment or financial constraints
  3. Less is more: Instead of being quick to prescribe remedies, dietary and lifestyle suggestions are given first, followed by supplements and herbs that are finalized by a treatment plan
  4. Education and empowering the individual in making lasting changes in their health


  • Bachelor health science (Naturopathy), member ATMS
  • Cert IV Bowen therapy
  • Mind Body Bowen practitioner
  • Level 2 Bush flower essence practitioner
  • Cert. Mindfulness & Meditation Training (Level 1)