Feb 5th

A Playlist for Meditation Practice at Home

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The human brain is externally and internally stimulated with thoughts 365 days a year. The goal for meditation also known as mindfulness is not to remove all thoughts completely, but to be mindful of them and to observe them. Emotions such as anger, irritability, sadness and negative thinking have a mind body connection. When you are stressed or upset, the body reacts in a way that tells you something isn’t right.
Many studies have shown the benefits of meditation on improving sleep, digestion and immune function.
This is a playlist of music I recommend for meditation.

For those who find it hard to concentrate, music helps to centre the focus. For others, Yin Yoga focuses on holding certain yoga poses, bringing awareness to the present moment.

A powerful yoga pose: Savasana


Savasana, also known as corpse pose involves lying down on your back and relaxing your body and mind. The posture lasts about 15-20 minutes. Focusing on your breath, taking deep breaths – feeling your belly rising and caving in deeply with each inhale and exhale. Even a few minutes of Savasana has a powerful effect on your nervous system and stress levels.

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